This project has a long history, being my university graduation project dating back to 2002.
Originally conceived as a visual tribute to the musical masterpiece album "Fantômas" or "Amenaza al Mundo" by experimental noise rock band Fantômas – an alternative rock supergroup led by Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Ipecac Recrods). The album itself is supposed to be a "musical comic book" and stretches its influence range as far as being considered "grindcore meets-cartoon-soundtrack" or "avant-garde noise". I was always a big fan since its 1999 release, so it was almost natural for my 20-something naive self to consider making a visual interpretation of such a hard listening experience.
My ambitious intention back then was to develop an interactive graphic experience that followed the music, heavily influenced by its pulp aesthetics and analog processes –the work of cartoonist Peter Kuper, the mixed media graphic design of Frank Maddocks and Dave Mckean and the chaotic state of typography in the 1990s.
Although well received by academics and friends at its release, the experimental nature of the project led to difficulties in publishing so I shelved it for quite some time, until a brief stint in my personal portfolio in 2011 followed by the retirement of the Adobe Flash technology which the whole project was based on. The software discontinuing rendered all my source files useless.
Digging through old files I found there was a print/PDF version required for my graduation and so I was able to unearth a remaster a new version.
Memories of that time are bit fuzzy, so I am not able to reveal any kind of crazy narrative I had in mind back then. This is now a visual tribute, fruit from a very prolific and experimental time. Or simply put: wacky vector collage extravaganza :)

Listen to the album here.

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