Amácio Mazzaropi was born in São Paulo 110 years ago. The artist starred in more than 30 films and became known throughout the country mainly for his character Jeca Tatu, based on a creation by Monteiro Lobato, in the film of the same name released in 1959.

The Mazzaropi font is a simple typographic tribute to the one who represented countryside Brazil so well through an approach that is both comic and critical. Based on some principles of appropriation of rustic "caipira" imagination, its references are inspired by vernacular letters and the deconstruction of a lost typeface from the photocomposition era (1960s/70s), Umbra 27 (Karl-Heinz Domning, 1972 for Berthold Types), also part of an aesthetic responsible for the construction of the western/hillbilly imaginary.

It is a display font made for large sizes, titles and applications where the eccentric design and wood type inspiration stand out. Alternative characters and Latin diacritics are some of its extras.

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