JOC is a digital revival of a lost 1970s alphabet, designed by Gabriel Fumanal Martinez for Letraset in 1973, as part of competition held by the notorious type company. Joc means "a play on words" in catalán.
Since its inception, a lot has changed about how we approach a new type design, mostly considering a much larger character set – the font name is a hint to explore other possibilities of its very strict modular structure. The spirit of early 1970s graphic design is also a major influence.
The new digital version has a complete set of letters and numerals, punctuation and full latin diacritics. Also included are a few alternates and ligatures that somehow fit the design play; and a complementary weight (Fill) as a secod layer font.
Its almost illegible nature reinforces the graphic play and experimental use, ideal for logotypes and large applications.

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