REFUSE is my new typeface inspired by the challenges and contradictions of our times.

Its use is open source, which means that you can change and create your own version expanding as you wish. It can and should be used as a matrix for large size stencils - preferably as a resistance tool.

The design profession is still very elitist and has become "politically neutral" in the system in which it operates, as well as other activities considered to be technical in the context of capitalism. It is important to highlight the role of social communicators as agents of transformation so that this does not make us mere gears within the social and economic logic in which we live.

My typographic work is a constant exercise in proposing new forms of reflection, distribution and access. I believe that typography can stimulate diversity and give voice to those who are being silenced and oppressed, during these difficult times, offering yet another weapon to the fight.

REFUSE is also a tribute to so many anonymous people who have built the language of protest over time, my musical and visual influences that now help to reflect and continue on this journey.

REFUSE is shared under an open OFL license, download it here.


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